Communities living in harmony and dignity.


The organization strives to assist disadvantaged communities in improving their life conditions, and to carry out capacity building interventions in the socio-economic and health sectors.


  • To assist under privileged communities with technical and material resources.
  • To build capacities of disadvantaged individuals and communities to improve their quality of life.
  • To assist communities to combat poverty, diseases, malnutrition, illiteracy, social discord and other needs like repairing and construction of road communication and hospital buildings.
  • To develop public health awareness and meaningful action related to local needs. Attempts will be made to open out-patient clinics with special emphasis on communicable diseases.
    Helping and encouraging development of SHG for developing domiciliary trades within the community.
  • To promote collaboration with like-minded agencies and have mutual exchange of technical and material resources.
  • To undertake relevant research to enhance knowledge and understanding for the benefit of disadvantaged communities.
  • To educate the people on various aspects in collaboration with other government bodies or NGOs.