Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. The organization believes in assisting community to set out its choices and priorities, help them rank these priorities and in the process help them to mobilize their internal and external resources to deal with their preferences and in the process a sense of cooperation and co-ordination prevails making them realize their own skills and potentials which they need to harvest while dealing with the problems of the community. Number of activities that were conducted under the SCDP is mentioned in the table below.

Name of the Programme
Training to farmers on Rabi/ Kharif Cultivation & Integrated pest Management 66
Training to ASHA/AWW on EBF 35
Training to SHG on Dairy 37
Training to VEC/PTA/MTA on their Role & Responsibility 23
Training to SHG Members on Food Preservation( Pickle, Jam, Source, Mushroom) 21
Refreshment Training to ASHA/AWW on EBF 20

Orientation on Child Rights and Protection Issues:

The partner organisation has conducted capacity building orientation and training on child rights and protection issues under project ANANYA  with partnership of Save the Children.The partner organisation has build the down line of reporting and addressing mechanism at village level. 222 no. of The adolescent discussion groups are formed and facilitation discussion on Life Skill Education which enable an individual to adopt positive behavior to deal effectively with demand, challenges of day today life style. This LSE builds 10 core thematic 1-Self awareness or Confident building, 2-Empathy, 3-Critical Thinking, 4-Creative thinking, 5-Decision making, 6-Problem Solving, 7-Effective Communication, 8-Interpersonal relationship, 9-Coping with Stress and 10-Coping with Emotion. It provides basic education , sense of gender equity, democracy, good citizenship, child care & protection, quality education and promotion of girls education. 399 no. of School Management Committee members are trained on child rights and function of SMCs. The 43 no. of Child Parliament members are oriented on the safety and security in the school premises, ensuring the child friendly environment and realizing the best interest of child.  Project ANANYA has contributed to understand the importance of child rights and protection. Even though 43 no. of Village Child Protection Committees (VCPC) are formed and oriented on the same. The members enacted the annual planned and unplanned activities related to child rights and protection issues. Several no. of child marriage cases are addressed, reported to district authority. The collective action is seen in the village to address and think for better future and overall development of girls and boys.

Enrollment Drive & Mainstreaming Migrants and Drop out Children:

ASHA Odisha always drive for the socially, economically backward , marginalized children in the society. Strives for the upliftment of vulnerable communities, children to mainstream them in formal education. Increase the quality education and reduce drop out , irregular and absenteeism. The 399 no. of members have been trained on safety and security of the children at school premises. Its focused on the school boundary wall, separate toilet for girls and boys, usable ramps for differently able children and inclusive education along with child friendly environment. 

List of SMC, PTA and Child Parliament trained on Child Rights, Safety and Security, Protection Issues.

1Child Rights and Protection Issues15240160565715602195251003576208028
2Safety and Security in School Premises & making Child Frindly Environment 1533512654571265228723893466187926
DumerpaniDarlimundaParkodSahipalaTanwatTotal Trained 

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