ASHA-ODISHA is a pool of rich academic excellence and professional experiences of a team of like minded individuals joining hands from versatile background in social sector with an attitude for finding solution of local issues that are affecting life quality & dignity. Organisation formed by the group is named as ASHA-ODISHA & committed for attaining the organization’s vision “Communities live in harmony & dignity”. The approach to attain the said vision is through sectoral approach and in sustainable processes

About Us

ASHA-ODISHA is governed by a Governing Body (GB) consisting 7 Members. GB meets as per requirement of the organization but at least 4 times a year. It consists of experienced person from various fields like Health, Nutrition, Environment, Finance and Management. It is well represented by both sexes. Since its inception the organization is headed by woman member. Governing body works for three years. Mr. Jajati Keshari Mohanty, Secretary of the organisation manages and supervises organizational activities on day to day basis. He has more than 25 years of experience in development sector working with diverse issues. ASHA-ODISHA is affiliated to ASHA-West Bengal as per Article-6(a) of Organisational Bye-law (http://www.ashaindia.in/asha-ngo-management.html); which is a national level Organisation. President and Secretary of ASHA-West Bengal are Governing Body Member of ASHA-ODISHA. Besides Governing Body and General Body ASHA-ODISHA has an Advisory Body. Here we have eminent professional with long experience supports the organisation from time to time as per the requirement.

ASHA-ODISHA is making efforts to engage with a very broad and diverse range of stakeholders, including communities, our partners, other national and local NGOs and movements, youths, corporate bodies, Govt departments and so on. We also continue to build our programme in Nuapada, Bargarh, Kalahandi and slowly and steadily expanding our horizons to other backward districts like Keonjhar.

The response received is quite overwhelming in terms of magnitude, intent, cooperation and conviction. Fundraising remains challenging in the rural development sector as a whole but for our good fortune coupled with our exceptional field activities and trust earned in the area donor agencies continue to support us in our endeavors.

The organization is grateful to its funding partners especially MelJol for supporting Child Social and Financial Education programme which believes that when children are self-confident, socially responsible and financially competent, they have the power to make a difference in their own lives and improve the world they live in. They can positively contribute to their community, understand the value of resources or save money to realise their dreams. Children, when given the chance, can make the world a better place.

In a global bid towards stopping the spread and menace of Tuberculosis, ASHA-ODISHA was selected by World Health Organization. It implemented programmes in collaboration with corporate House like ACC Limited, Bargarh under the project title Sustainable Community Development (SCD) Project aiming at improving the conditions of the adopted community through a gamut of activities like agriculture, water and sanitation, health, training, community organization, education etc.

ASHA-ODISHA is well equipped to deliver projects based on diverse sectors owing to the presence of experts of national repute who have significant experience in the field of rural social development and especially in livelihoods, marketing, governance and convergence. 2 of our seniors were part of the Govt. of India-United Nations Joint programme on Resource Convergence and decentralization. They have a very clear idea about the convergence matrices who have earned accolades from the administration while designing and delivering works on livelihoods, convergence, strengthening local governance, new programme like Integrated Action Plan. During their professional enhancements they have gained sound knowledge and expertise on all the national flagship programmes like ICDS, IAY, SGSY, MGNREGS, BRGF, PDS, SSA, NBA and NRHM. They have also designed system strengthening through Rapid Monitoring System which provides a quick assessment of services being delivered at the cutting edge and course correction. With them ASHA-ODISHA could also traversed in these valued path gaining significant experience.

Under the leadership of one of the pioneers in the state in the field of livelihoods and marketing, we have a sound team capable of delivering expected results. ASHA-ODISHA has strong rapport with a large number of civil society organizations experts, media persons, bureaucrats and policy makers in the state. It has the capability of conducting bottleneck studies under various schemes in sectors like Health, Nutrition, Employment & livelihoods, Education, Water & Sanitation etc. The senior officials of ASHA-ODISHA has good amount of international exposure too helping them to earn cross learning across the globe and build the perspective for the organization.